The Simplicity and Comfort of a Bean Bag Mattress

These days, everyone is buying a memory foam or motorized adjustable mattress that promises much more comfort than it delivers. Why not go back to basics with a bean bag mattress. A bean bag mattress really conforms to your shape and is firm enough to provide support in all the right places, including your lower back.
Furniture made from bean bag material has been used for centuries due to its durability and unique support. Having a bean bag mattress in the closet is great when you have unexpected guests as you can make up a comfy bed on the couch for them and they won’t feel the thin material below that lush bean bag portable bedding.
Also great for camping trips and sleepovers, a bean bag mattress will last a long time and can be covered with either waterproof material or slip covers to make it look as great as it feels.