Awesome Things to Do in Los Angeles

Surrounded by a five-county metropolitan area and sprawling across 467 square miles, Los Angeles is the city of flair and thriving economy. Endowed with film noir, star wannabes, models and mind-blowing traffic; it is an imaginary city as it is physical. It is almost impossible to tour every place in L.A in one trip. That is why we have handpicked the things and places you must visit while on your trip. You can either spread these great experiences in several trips or just put them in one. We assure you nothing but pure gratification on every visit.

  1. Rodeo Drive

You will find iconic boutiques lead by elite names such as Versace, Cartier and Gucci. Consequently, these shoppers’ paradise is suitable for everyone there are numerous temperate diners and shops. On a $500 sushi dinner, you can drive a $1000 on nosh or Python pumps along the cobblestoned via Rodeo.


  1. Walt Disney Concert Hall

Featuring acoustics and located in Downtown, Walt Disney Concert Hall is a modern Metropolis and a stainless steel-clad masterpiece. The 2,265 seat Disney Hall was designed by Frank Gehry. The building is stunning pipe organ that has inordinate curves. It can be compared to a complex musical instrument.

  1. Santa Monica Pier

A prevalent family destination that is bursting with sunny days. You will find dozens of games to engage in. They include but not limited to riding the Ferris wheel, surfing and swimming. Enjoy the dazzling sunsets in the late afternoon, alongside other hard to resist treats.


  1. TLC Chinese Centre and The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Opened in 1927, the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is an iconic Hollywood symbol. The ‘inadvertent ‘ footprint by Norma Talmadge in this famous hall is what prompted the tradition of embossing of hands into cement by celebrities. It has over 1,600 star handprints and the most distinctive are the hoofs of Tigger and Jimmy Durante’s nose.

  1. Disneyland

If you are looking for electrifying, sentimental, passionate or even hypnotizing visit that will suit your age, Disney is the cheeriest place on earth. Apart from displaying Hollywood themed attraction and Disney characters. It also supports a wide chain of bistros, clubs and bars that are appropriate for everyone. It is also important to note that the original vision of Walt Disney has now been fused with Disney’s California Adventure.


  1. Venice Beach Boardwalk

This boardwalk is famed for its unconventional way of living. It briskly gentrifies Venice; that entices many critiques. Fortune-tellers, muscle beach weight lifters and magicians have endured the constant threats. Infiltrated by sunglasses and gummier tattlers of cheap watches, belligerent artists still hawk their paintings. During sunset, you can enjoy the sights as you skate or ride a rented bicycle.

  1. Getty Center

L.A boasts of this $1 billion plus Museum that is located on a hillside above Brentwood. With impressionist canvases, travertine marble skin and natural light floods porticos, the Getty Center has placed L.A at the top in the art world. Decorative arts sourced from the French monarchy and incredible displays of furniture make this place perfect haven.